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History and Origin of the Tradition of Easter Egg
The glorious holiday of Easter is rich with meaning, history and traditions. One of the attributes of every Easter celebration, both Orthodox and Catholic, is Easter Egg. Egg played a v...
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Order a nesting doll featuring faces, events or places dear to your heart.

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Russian Nesting Doll Gift Ideas...

Celebrate the occasion
Celebrate the next important date in you life with a set of nesting dolls featuring that important event. A doll with a design, customized to reflect the occasion, will make a memorable gift.

Think: Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, First Communions, Birthdays or any other milestone in your life. Let’s celebrate by designing a unique memento depicting the people involved and the occasion itself. Create a gift that is truly unique and will be cherished for many years to come.

Start a new tradition
Our artists will paint a set of dolls featuring your child’s face, favorite toys, pets, book characters, hometown, etc. We can even include the whole family: mother, father, loving grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Display that set in your house, and one day, once they ready to establish households of their own, pass it on to your children.

Preserve the memory
Whether it’s your first house, hometown, honeymoon destination or university you graduated from, we will capture the essence of the location and create a lovely set of nesting dolls that will keep bringing back the warm memories.

Baby Shower
A traditional Russian nesting doll makes an ideal baby shower gift. Order either a customized set of dolls featuring the family or just purchase one of the many adorable sets we have available. The most appropriate would be sets painted with the Russian Fairy tales. English translations of the fairy tales are available on our pages. Read the tale and tell it while presenting the gift.

For extra little surprise, take the set of the dolls apart (they usually contain 5 to 7 pieces, that can be stacked one inside the other). Put a little something special like baby q-tips, cotton bolls or even wrapped candy into each doll, and present them to the parent.

Baby Shower for an Adopted Child (Or a guide on how to welcome an adopted child and show your love)

The arrival of a new baby in a family is always a great joy that deserves the most exciting celebration. Welcoming of an adopted child could be even more joyful, than a birth of a child, since adoptive parents have to go through a lot both emotionally and physically to bring this child into their life.
We put together this little guide hoping to make your celebration even more special:
Many traditions and celebrations, held for any other child, would be appropriate in this case. However, here are a few extra pointers:

  • One of the most important things to consider is everything parents had to go through for this adoption to happen. The party planner should be very considerate of the emotions involved and not to plan any surprise events upon arrival of the child. It would be appropriate to drop of “welcoming” necessities that the families often do not have enough time to purchase in advance. The rest, can wait just a little longer.
  • Plan a party with the knowledge of everyone involved and make sure to provide the new family with as much time alone as they need. Do not take it personally, if you (relatives, friends) are not immediately informed of the adoption. Adoptive parents have been waiting for that day for a long time. They will be happy to share their newfound happiness with you in a little while, once they settle into the new regime.
  • Adoption date is a great new beginning both for the child and for the new parents, the beginning of their new life together. Do not forget to acknowledge the adoption day separate from the birth of the child.
  • Especially with the international adoptions, it is important to create a connection between the child's past and future. For International adoption, look up the traditions of the country of origin. You could include words in the native language into the traditional baby shower games and activities, as well as decorations of the party. Display plenty materials that help guests understand the child's country of origin. This way already a little bit of native culture and language of the child can be incorporated into the lives of all the friends and relatives surrounding him or her. This will make the celebration even more special, and ensure that the culture of the child’s origin will always be a part of his life.
  • While planning the party think of an event, which can be documented and saved for the child. It would be just pressures for the child to be able to watch it in the future and know how welcomed and loved he or she was.
  • RussianArtwork.com offers wonderful gift for a family with adopted children. We will paint your children in the national costumes of the area they are originally from. We will also include details such as architecture of the region, children’s names and dates of birth and adoption.
  • Display that set in your house, and one day, once they ready to establish households of their own, pass it on to your children.
    A traditional Russian nesting doll also makes an ideal baby shower gift for a baby adoption.
    Take the set of the dolls apart (they usually contain 5 to 7 pieces, that can be stacked one inside the other). Put a little something special like baby q-tips, cotton bolls or even wrapped candy into each doll, and present them to the parent. It would be fun to discover a little surprise in every doll.


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